Sunday, April 30, 2006

Clean-up at the Inn!

In anticipation of alumni reunion weekend, a few governors took their weekend to clean up the Inn. This much needed "spring cleaning" removed 1.5 TONS of unneeded material and junk around the house, filling up an entire truck designed exclusively for this purpose. Clean-up efforts included the removal of dilapidated, unusable furniture and rusting, obsolete fitness and office equipment. A priority of the governors was to return the upstairs office to a usable state; this was accomplished with unanticipated benefits.

Office clean-up revealed historic artifacts of Inn life and the variety of personalities that has composed the membership over the years. Additionally, critical financial documents were identified and earmarked for fiscal research and planning. Dated alumni reports helped the governors gain a better sense of the “dismal science” [accounting] behind the Inn – facts not recorded on our Holiday posters but critical nonetheless.

The governors worked hard, but the payoff of these efforts have already been observed by residents and will serve the Inn well in the coming months. Removal of years of refuse clears up valuable space for the members and makes the house more productive. Removal of trash outside the house has also made the space more attractive and opens up the possibility for additional member parking. More to come…..



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