Sunday, April 30, 2006

Alumni Weekend: Old Memories, New Friends

This weekend was an exciting time at the Inn. Supported by the Governors and our newest Interns, the Inn was prepared to meet and greet our alumni members. Reminded that the Inn remains their space beyond graduation, alumni enjoyed a wine and cheese event Friday and popped in intermittently throughout the weekend.

The Alumni weekend also gave our current members (and our newest Interns) a chance to meet some of our past greats, share stories, learn about our history and get tips for making the Inn even better next year.

Importantly, this weekend also served as a springboard event for our Capital Campaign. Past members inspected the premises and discovered first-hand some of the physical issues detailed in our latest alumni mailing. Alumni members took note and are now armed to share the Capital Campaign's message with their friends and associates.

But the weekend wasn’t all business and stories. There was fun to be had as well. Friday night found Inn governors about the town with alumni looking to assess the Inn’s tradition of camaraderie and diversion amongst the current membership. Though some details of the evening have been lost, it is certain a good time was had by all.


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